Huelva 2012. Day 3: Valverde del Camino – Matalascañas

Day 3: Valverde del Camino – Trigueros – Moguer – Mazagón – Matalascañas. 80 km.

December 28th, 2012.huelva etapa 3

Another sunny day! For a start, I took the Via Verde between Valverde and San Juan del Puerto (a Via Verde or Green Path is an abandoned railway that has been reformed for cycling). Easy ride, slightly downhill (but you’ll find some short uphill parts as well; nothing to even worry about). The initial aprt of the route is the nicest: you’ll ride through some forests and will find some nice (and historic) houses along the path. Just great!PC260071

Trigueros makes a perfect stop for a snack or a drink in the main square. Getting out of there and joining the Via Verde can be a little bit tricky: just ask around, it’s not that hard actually.

From there onwards the path becomes quite boring, but then there are not many kilometers left. You still save the traffic of the main road, which has increased quite a lot by now. Finishing the Via Verde is quite depressing, since you can feel that roads full of traffic are waiting for you ahead and because, well, the last point of the route is quite “strange” (feels like the mind of place where gangster kill people in movies).

I didn’t find San Juan del Puerto atractive at all, and probably it isn’t to anybody. So I just kept on cycling.
This was the worst part of the route. Quite a lot of traffic, big road, there was a good enough hard shoulder but still it didn’t feel like a part for cycling. Just cycled as fast as possible.

I didn’t stop in Moguer (it looked like San Juan del Puerto from the outside) and neither in Palos de la Frontera (despite the history behind that town). My plan was to have lunch in Mazagon; it was a good idea.

The last kilometers of this part can be done through a bike-line separated from the road. That’s nice! Thanks to whoever had the idea!

Mazagón is a touristic town, full of touristic flats and bars and shops. Still, it has the beach and the ocean. And this is also where nice beaches start. So not a bad place after all! Carefuñ though, beaches here offer no shadow at all, so I guess in summer can get VERY hot! From here you can see the sea full of big boats, most of them coming from Palos; that just made my decission not to stop there more correct (at least in my head!).

The thruth is I could have stayed in Mazagón. I had already cycled 50 km aprox that day, and the place was nice, and the beach, and the sun…
…but I decided to keep going. I had something in mind for next day that required me not to be in that town.

And it was a good choice. The 30 kms between Mazagón and Matalascañas were another of the highlights of this short tryp. There’s a nice bike-lane next to the road (paved at the beginning, unpaved and quite sandy later on) that makes the cycling just GREAT! Can go quite fast sometimes, it’s funny (specially the sandy parts and the ups and downs), you can stop in some different nice points halfway through… Definitively, recommended! Good fun!
And then Matalascañas. Another nice touristic town. Smaller than Mazagón. The beach is much more nicer here. And eating and sleeping is cheaper here as well. Good place to stop (but don’t expect any real historyc site here).

Overall: great day! Via verde in the morning and afternoon’s bike-lane are just fun and nice, and make you forget those kilometers in-between in the main road.PC260092


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