Mongolia 2012. Day 3: Lün or Lhün

10th of august, 2012.mongolia day 3

Rain. Crap. So I spent the whole morning inside my tent. Some people came around (couple of young lads with their sheeps and their motorbikes and their beers. They were relatively nice, but I still wasn’t used to have strangers getting into my tent just because.

The weather got better by 14.00. Pack and leave. Not sunny yet, though. I met a French couple who had been cycling around the world for 8 months and told me it was their 3rd rainy day! And the first one in Mongolia! So no, I wasn’t lucky.

Arriving to Lün, not there yet - Mongolia

The road is flat all the way to Lün or Lhün, the first real town I found. The grey weather didn’t make the town very attractive, so I kept on cycling. Uphill, by the way. Since there was still more traffic than what I had expected, I took the northern route to Kharkorin (it wasn’t real traffic compared to most European countries, but still more than what I expected). That was where I saw my first trees in the country as well!

Lün - Mongolia

The cross road after Lün is the first properly signposted one I found in the country (apart from the one to Darkhan at the very beginning). So you can’t miss this one.

There’s a restaurant before Lün that looked great!! I stopped for some drink, but I soon after regreted not having stopped for food!! It’s just 1 or 2 kilometer before Lün, and it’s also quite hard to miss. Stop there if you can, since, there’s not much more after that!! It has a relatively Western feeling as well.

After a short (and harder than what I had expected!) pass, it got dark, and with no town in sight, I camped in the middle of nowhere again. The views were great, though. One of those long valleys and a river with more curves than a snake. I have a great memory of that place, I really liked it there.

Also, second night without a shower, but no visitor this time.

River after Lün - Mongolia


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