Huelva 2012. Day 2: Aracena – Valverde del Camino

Day 2: Aracena – Santa Ana La Real – Zalamea la Real – Valverde del Camino. 70 km.

December 27th, 2012.huelva etapa 2

Another sunny day during one of the highlights of this short tryp. The morning ride between Aracena and Santa Ana La Real is a REALLY nice and easy ride of 17 km aprox through some charming hills. Up and down with no effort at all, nice views, fresh environment, little traffic, nice paved road… Just great!
Andalucia, Huelva 2012 - Aracena

There are some towns and fountains along the way which only make it better. I didn’t stop for a long time on them, but now that I’m back at home I wish I had!
Andalucia, Huelva 2012 - Linares de La sierra

Santa Ana is a quite small town at the top of a hill. Perfect place for a picnic and a last look at the scenary before saying goodbye to the Sierra de Aracena. I’ll be back!

Took the main road to Zalamea from there (you get there once you’ve passed Santa Ana). It’s a nice road, the views are still good… but it’s a proper main road. More traffic (still, not loads, but you don’t get the feeling of being alone as in previous parts of the route), no Natural Park around you, there’s even a small hill towards the end… It wasn’t bad at all but I’ve cycled in better places. Felt like I had to go through that part, and that’s it. 30 kms of sport through some nice places (nice, but no more).
Andalucia, Huelva 2012 - Alajar
Besides, I didn’t manage to get proper food in Zalamea. There are 2 restaurants along the main road; should have had it there. No proper meal inside the town. Maybe I just was not lucky with any of the 3 bars I tried…

The road from there to Valverde is just an easy ride with nothing major to talk about. Just do it as quick as you can – which will be very quick, because there’re only some easy 17 kms.

There’s just one cheap hotel in Valverde, and it’s actually not that cheap. Still, good enough.

Overall: excellent morning that makes you want to stay around and not leave the area.


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