Thanks for visiting! I’m just a bike-traveller who thought I’d may as well write down my travels, so I remember where I’ve been and so some other people may use my experiences. I’ve been using info I’ve found on the internet over the years, and it was about time to pay back!

So yes, I like cycling. Mountain biking mainly, but I use paved roads loads when travelling.

I also like surfing, basketball, reading, writing, drawing and some other stuff I’ve forgotten now.

Oh, and I’m Basque. Which means you’d have to excuse me if my English is quite poor. Sorry!

You can find me on twitter as well, if interested: @gutxes

All the best and see you out there!


4 thoughts on “Me

  1. there any kimd of registration needed after enterig tajikistan? i have a 45day tourist visa.

    1. Not really. You need the GBAO permit for the Pamir highway but nothing else! They tried to sell us a “sanitary permit” which we didn’t buy and, honestly, there’s no need. If you have the visa, the rest is fine!

    1. We applied for this in the Tajik embassy in Belgium, along with the visa. Post there and return, and paperwork, at least one month. If you’ve got an embassy nearby, probably you can obtain it in 2 weeks.
      You can apply for it in Dushanbe as well: it will take a week and, if you go to the office everyday asking whether it’s ready or not, they may make it faster. If you apply for it in Bishkek it takes a week as well (some people we met told us that).
      If in need, I’m sure there are ways to obtain it in Dushanbe in couple of days.
      Still, careful: it “something” happens in Khorog area (a protest, some incident with the Afghans…), they may stop issuing GBAOs for a week or so. I’d recommend to try to obtain your GBAO as soon as possible.
      Good luck!

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